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Tracked & Tractor Post Driving

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Tracked & Tractor Post Driving Services

We can offer two machines one low ground pressure tracked machine and the other a heavy duty tractor mounted one for driving in large posts including gate posts.

Our tracked machine is a converted Kubota RG30 it has a rear mounted post thumper attached with capacity to carry the all posts onboard.

It’s also a one man operated machine so about as efficient as you can have.

With the tracks it makes minimal rutting save some scuffing the surface when it turns as is common with tracked vehicles.( ground boards can be used under the machine on lawns etc).

Very low ground pressure meaning minimal impression and no wheelings are made as is often the case with tractor mounted post drivers.

We hire the machine out with an operator either seeing the job to completion or knocking in the fence posts for the customer to then rail themselves or wire up the fence depending on which option they have chosen.

Our operator gets the best out of the machine as he has plenty of experience with it and if preparation ( marker pegs to indicate corners , clearance of line etc) is done before he arrives he can get straight onto the post driving soon after he arrives.

We can assist regarding clearing if needed as have chainsaw operatives and mini digger available also.

It has a tow hitch so if you needed a trailer load of rails moved it can go where a 4×4 might struggle in softer ground conditions.

Wet ground is not normally an issue and posts will drive in more easily and quickly when there is some moisture.

Autumn to early summer often being the best times of year , a hot dry summer can slow progress with posts taking more time to drive in.

We can drive in both round and square posts ( we have a post twister to hold square sawn posts on line) and it has a rock spike should the ground be hard enough to warrant a pilot hole.

Wooden and metal posts can be knocked in.

We also carry a CAT (cable avoidance tool) to use to seek out buried telephone wires and electric cables.

Tractor mounted post knocker
Tracked post driving
Solar panel installation post driving

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